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This amazing products bonds to the keratin structue of the nail plate and and creates a stickier surface, acting like double sided tape adhering acrylic, gel or gel polish to the natural nail. 

The benefits of using Planet Nails Sticky Bond:

Dehydrates the natural nail whilest drying tacky.

Promotes adhesion and prevents lifting.

Will not discolour the enhancement. 

As Sticky Bond is Acid Free it will not burn the skin.

Low Odour.

Creates a sticky surface for maximum adhesion.

Can be used over old enhancements, when in-filling with different system.

Great for nail art when layering is required to prevent chipping or peeling.


PLEASE NOTE SOME 10ml BOTTLES MAY BE LABELLED WITH A 7ml LABEL- due to supply issues we've had to use some older labels whilst we are waiting for more stock to arrive. 




Brand Planet Nails