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How to Clean and Prep Your New Acrylic Brush

Got a new acrylic brush but unsure how to prep and clean them before use? We've got you covered! Planet Nails teaches you how to prep and clean your new acrylic brushes!

Now before we begin, know that the hair of a new brush is shaped with Arabic gum, a starch film. This has to be removed thoroughly before using the brush for the first time. The hair splits when the film is not removed completely and this damage is irreversible.

To start, remove your brush from its packaging and remove the plastic protection cap* from your new brush. 
*Do not place this back when the brush has been in contact with acrylic liquid as the liquid can cause the plastic to melt together with the hair of the brush. 

Next, start the film removing process by thoroughly rolling the brush head over a lint-free towel whilst it is still dry. Take clean liquid or brush cleaner and submerge the hair of the brush.

When using a monomer, ensure that it is clean liquid as the used liquid may be contaminated by acrylic powder particles that can cause the acrylic to cure in the brush.

Turn the brush to make sure that all the hair is coated with liquid. After this step, the hair of the brush should not be touched by fingers anymore. 

Fully submerge the brush in liquid, pushing it down on the bottom of the dappen dish. Perform this step a few times. Once complete, remove the brush and wipe it on a clean lint-free towel. Check that the hair has separated into individual strands and if not, repeat the above steps until it does.

When you are happy that you have cleaned the brush thoroughly, make sure that you have drained all excess fluid out of the brush. Be certain that all the liquids are gone from the metal ferrule to prevent discolouration. Please note, the residual liquid is not suitable for use because of possible contamination and should be discarded.

When you are not using your brush, it is important to bring the hair to the desired shape and storing the brush either lying horizontally or hanging upside down as this ensures the longevity of your brush. 

Now, your acrylic brush is prepped and cleaned!