Professional nail product MILLA is an extremely effective tool that can work wonders for the health and appearance of your feet. With advanced ingredients and a specialised formula, this incredible product offers a multitude of benefits.
*Works to reduce thickening of the nail as well as treating and preventing ingrown nails. When used regularly the "softening effect" makes cutting thickened nails much easier and helps to prevents hard edges from growing into the sidewalls.

*The preparation perfectly regenerates and restores nails, relieving any problems related to the nail plate splitting or weakening. This makes your nails healthier, and more resistant to damage.
*With a strong antibacterial and anti fungal effect, eliminating bacteria and fungi that can cause infections and unpleasant odours.
*Active ingredient Bisabolol helps to alleviates itching and has a repairing effect on the epidermal hydrolipid layer - soothing and calming.
How to use: Apply 1-2 times daily to the areas around any thickened or ingrown nails.


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