Grab this exclusive collection of 8 x 25g Core Polymers and enjoy a 15% discount.

Instead of the regular price of $120, you'll only pay $102, saving you $18!

Here are several compelling reasons why you should consider purchasing these Planet Nails polymers:

  1. Planet Nails polymer is renowned for its medium setting time and exceptional adhesion.

  2. Our polymer offers outstanding clarity and remarkable strength.

  3. Being a pure polymer, it requires neither a base nor a capping layer.

  4. Its versatility makes it ideal for both overlays and extensions.

  5. For optimal results, we recommend using Planet Nails Polymer in conjunction with Planet Nails Monomer (Hema Free and MMA Free).

  6. This polymer is also seamlessly compatible with our Dip System for a flawless finish."


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