Ella Zala  FOIL GEL is super sticky once cured, and provides the perfect surface for foils to adhere. The sticky layer guarantees a perfect adhesion of your foils, which makes this gel is a lot easier to use than a classic foil transfer glue!




*Allows for full cover or partial transfer from nail foils

*No dry time guesswork, simply apply, cure and you are ready

*Can be used over PN Acrylic, Iconic, PUG, Lastik, Dip, Planet Vogue or Planet Gel Polish

*HEMA Free

*Soak-off Formula

*Dual Cure Formula.

*No need to remove tacky layer






*Allows for full cover or partial transfer from nail foils.

*No dry time guesswork, simply apply, cure and you are ready.

*Can be used over PN Acrylic, Iconic, PUG, Lastik, Dip, Planet Vogue or Planet Gel Polish

*HEMA Free

*Soak off Formula.

*Dual Cure Formula.


How to use Ella Zala Foil Gel

Apply Ella Zala Foil Gel directly over cured gel polish, cure for 60 sec led or 2 min UV

Apply a piece of foil directly over the cured Foil Gel and rub using a pigment applicator to ensure a good transfer.

Remove the Plastic backing from the nail

Apply Planet Gel Polish Top Coat, cure for 60 sec led or 2 min UV


If you are applying Foil gel over a finished filed acrylic or gel enhancement, apply a layer of Sticky Bond first and wait for it to dry, then simply follow the above mentioned steps.

If you struggle with peeling, Sticky Bond can be used before your Top Coat to prevent peeling.


Foil Gel Troubleshooting:

Always ensure you are applying the Foil Gel as thinly as possible. If foil gel is applied too thick it can lead to chipping and peeling, it may also cause a heat spike if applied too thick.

If you’re finding that the foil gel appears to be going gluggy when applying it over gel or gel polish- that indicates that the tacky layer of the gel isn’t compatible with the Foil Gel- in a case like this we would recommend to remove the tacky layer from your base gel before applying the foil gel. When removing the tacky layer you will need to apply a coat of Sticky Bond to the gel surface before applying the Foil Gel otherwise your Foil Gel may peel. 

We recommend to cure the foil gel in a 48+ watt UV/LED lamp for 60seconds- please ensure that the nail is directly under the bulbs inside the lamp- some lamps have the LED globes arranged in a half moon formation and the Foil Gel won’t cure properly if the nails aren’t placed in the correct spot for proper curing. The tacky layer of under cured Foil Gel will be slippery or slimy and not sticky- if you’re finding this to be the case you need to cure it for longer. The older your lamp is the longer you may have to cure it- so play around with cure times.

If you are finding that your Foil Designs are peeling following the above instructions you have a few other options to help prevent peeling. You can apply a layer of Lastik over your foil design before applying top coat, ensuring you are capping the extension free edge. You can also opt to use a Hard Gel Top coat like Glaze instead of Planet Gel Polish top coat, hard gel top coats cure harder and will be less prone to chipping and peeling. When applying any top coat please ensure you are capping your extension free edge to minimise peeling.

Ensure you are wiping the back of the foil with alcohol- be careful, make sure your wipe only contains alcohol because if it has any acetone or ethyl acetate in it, it will remove the design. Sometimes dust or other debris can hinder the transfer, so a good wipe helps a lot too.



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