Gel paint in a chrome silver.

This is a UV/LED cured art gel, best used for accent chrome designs. Cure for 60sec under LED or 2mins under UV.

How to use: 1. Apply a coat of True Matte Top coat over your chosen base colour, cure for 60sec. 2. Create your accent chrome design using either a nail art brush or dotting tool, cure for 60sec. 3. Wait 60sec for the design to cool after curing before applying your Luxe Gloss and curing for 60sec. 

This gel works best when applied over a matte top coat surface or over a gel polish that cures without a tacky layer. Please note that if you apply this gel over a tacky layer it will be dull. This gel cures without a tacky layer but chrome WILL NOT burnish into it. This gel needs to be sealed with a top coat- we recommend either Luxe Gloss or Stain Resistant Top Coat. 

Always apply in thin layers to ensure a proper cure. Although it can be used for a full nail colour you will probably get a better result using a chrome powder for full nail designs, this gel is perfect for painted designs like french, stars, hearts etc. When doing larger areas of block colour using a dotting tool to cover the area will provide a smoother application than a brush. This gel can also be used as a stamping gel. Please note that this gel will dull once cured, we recommend to wait at least 60sec after curing before you apply a top coat to allow the shine to come back. This gel will never be as shiny once cured as it is in the jar, but will still provide you with stunning design results as shown in the pictures. 


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