Marble liquids are an alcohol-based transparent ink or liquid pigment specially formulated to be HEMA FREE, fast drying and highly pigmented. These liquids are used to create popular nail art designs like watercolour effects, marble, rose quartz, gemstone, jade, tie dye and jelly nails.

To achieve the best results, apply over a top coat, using an art brush with Acetone or The One liquid to disperse the liquid creating the desired effect. Wait for your design to fully air dry before sealing with Planet Nails Luxe Gloss/Glaze/PN Matte Top Coat or PN Stain resistant Top Coat. Start with a small amount of
marble liquid to blend and add more for a layered look. These liquids can also be mixed with gels or monomer to create different effects. 
Please avoid skin contact- it will stain the skin plus can lead to skin sensitivity.


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