Handpiece for the  PN Portable 1.0 Drill.  This handpiece does NOT fit into the PN Portable 2.1 that we currently sell.  

Please do not buy this handpiece unless you have an older model PN Portable E-file

We will not take it back if it does not fit your drill.  

Please call us if you are not sure if it will fit your drill.

Please take care of your handpiece, it can unscrew and if unscrewed all the way can come apart. If it unscrews and comes apart it will stop working. The warranty does not cover it stoping due to the handpiece coming apart. Please check the handpiece weekly to ensure it's screwed shut. Please note that the warranty will be voided if you open and take apart the handpiece. The warranty also doesn't cover any physical damage, like dropping the handpiece/unit; opening the mouth via twist chuck to change the bit whilst the handpiece is in operation (motor turning) or switching the e-file on whilst no bit is inserted or mouth is open. 

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY- Can cause damage when used incorrectly!



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