E-FIles/Dust Collectors



An electric file also referred to as an e-file, is a tool used by nail technicians to speed up, streamline, or make easier some nail services; the electric file allows nail technicians to file or finish areas of the nail that are hard to reach (for example, under the free edge of a newly created sculpted nail). Electric files can enhance the nail tech’s filing methods by allowing them to shape nails faster, do more proficient backfills, and refine the cuticle area with precision.

Your handpiece is a mechanical object with lots of moving parts that will be exposed to dust. We encourage you to try and avoid getting dust build up inside your handpiece by ensureing you are dusting your handpiece regularly, making sure you keep the mouth of the handpiece clean, using dust caps on your bits and once a week using compressed air to release dust from the inside of the handpiece.  

 Over time you will get dust build up on the inside of your handpiece (this is inevitable as we create so much dust when we're using our e-file) which will make it sound louder, could cause it to vibrate or even heat up. If you notice this over time and it is starting to affect your e-files' performance your handpiece may be due for a service. We recommend to have your handpiece serviced every 6-18months depending on your client load. We offer this service here at Planet Nails, so please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions on our services. 

It depends on the cause but the warranty will be voided if you open and take apart the handpiece. The warranty also doesn't cover any physical damage, like dropping the handpiece/unit; opening the mouth via twist chuck to change the bit whilst the handpiece is in operation (motor turning), changing rotation direction whilst the in operation (motor turning) or switching the e-file on whilst no bit is inserted or mouth is open. 

Please take care of your handpiece, it can unscrew and if unscrewed all the way can come apart. If it unscrews and comes apart it will stop working. The warranty does not cover it stoping due to the handpiece coming apart. Please check the handpiece weekly to ensure it's screwed shut.

Yes, we do. We highly recommend that if you get to the point where you are using your e-file with every client or if you feel like you are unable to do a service without your e-file, that you have a backup handpiece or e-file. This will ensure that you aren't stuck if anything were to happen with your handpiece. It will also mean that you are never without your e-file when you have to send your handpiece in for a service. We sell replacement parts for pretty much every part of your e-file. 

No, they are FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. E-FIle can cause a lot of damage when used incorrectly!

Yes, we do! Did you know, that with proper training you can use your e-file safely during a pedicure? Want to learn how? We teach you everything you need to know with our COMPLETE PEDICURE ONLINE COURSE. We cover absolutely everything from e-file use for toes, and skin, gel polish removal, prep and application as well as Dry Pedicure and Heel Peeling. .

The diamond bits can contain traces of nickel- similar to food production one of the steps involved in the electro magnetic processes shares a bath where nickel could have been housed before.

All other implements and bits are made of medical grade stainless steel but due to the process used to embed the diamond particles into the stainless steel shaft of the diamond bits there can be a contamination issue.

Yes, most skins will be fine on the medium, we recommend fine for delicate- normal and medium for normal- thick skin.