Hard Gel (PUG)


Yes! Planet PUG is HEMA FREE.



PUG is short for Planet Ultimate Gel.  PUG is a single process hard gel that offers you absolute control without the BITE of a traditional hard gel - NO HEAT SPIKES. PUG applies effortlessly smooth and levels itself offering the ability to form nail extensions in one step but is still versatile enough to be used as a three-step gel if you prefer this method. PUG combines the adhesion of a base gel, the strength and durability of a hard builder gel, and the high gloss shine and scratch resistance of a top glaze.

No, but if you use soak off  base like Lastik or Stick ‘n Float (HEMA FREE Rubber Base coat) under PUG, it allows you to file through the hard builder layer down to your rubbery base and simply soak off in acetone from there.

PUG works in perfect synergy with Lastik which we would recommend to use as a base coat under your PUG enhancements.

PUG offers superior adhesion to the natural nail making it perfect for clients who are constantly exposed to water or chemicals (nurses/hairdressers).

*Light in feel & wear and provides up to 4 weeks of flawless wear without any fear of cracking or chipping.

*Various viscosities gives a solution for every need & demand.

*PUG applies effortlessly smooth & levels itself offering the ability to form nail extensions in one step. *Controlled Photo Initiators regulates curing preventing heat build-up.

*Odour free ensuring a comfortable salon environment.

*Super easy to file into shape and easy to buff off if needed.

*All the PUG GELS can be used for overlays, tip overlays, and for sculptures over forms

*The builders offer the perfect workability on forms with a slower self-leveling time.

*PUG also works in perfect synergy with the other PN Gel Systems

Yes, you can. PUG is a hard gel that can also be used over tip overlays and is easily filed or buffed off.

None of our products are tested on animals nor do they contain any animal derived products except our Sable Hair (Kolinsky) Acrylic Brushes.