54-watt Dual Cure lamp, utilising 36 LED emitters for even curing.


Standard Gel Cure, Red light therapy, Therapy & Cure Auto on/off hand sensor. (365nm+405nm+660nm)

Multifunctional touch control Timers: 10sec, 30sec, 60sec and 90sec with low-power output for hard gels to reduce the exothermic reaction.

LCD display timer with countdown

Removable Metal base plate, providing mirror reflection for improved curing, with finger ledge to prevent finger tips touching edge of lamp Can be used for hands or feet.

Power: 54 Max

Comes with an AU plug.  

If you just use the Blue light it will cure UV/Led Gels/Gel Polish 

If you use the red light - it will not cure anything but is a beauty treatment for the skin on your clients hands.

If you use the Pink light that will cure the gel and at the same time do a beauty treatment on your clients hands.

Here is all the technical detail on the three settings:

*  the ultraviolet (blue light) - this is 365nm - 405nm.   This cures Gels (photopolymers - each brand has their recommended wavelength, PN requires 365nm or 405nm at the relevant time frames to ensure a proper cure).

* The red light emits 660nm which is red light therapy- can help to reduce inflammation, promote healing and regeneration in skin and muscles (the red light on its own doesn't cure photopolymers and is only used as a light therapy when used on its own). Red LED light therapy is an added 'beauty' benefit. You are able to apply serums/creams at the end of the service and then have your client pop their hands under the red light as a beauty treatment for the skin of the hands.

* The pink light is when all 3 wavelengths (660nm, 365nm and 405nm) are being emitted- so curing your gel and emitting red LED therapy at the same time. 

It's 12cm high.

Most gels and gel polishes work the same way, but the best thing to do is to find out the recommended range of nanometres for the gel you are using.  Our lamp will cure gels using 365 - 405 nm (nanometres).