Polygel (Iconic)

Planet Iconic Poly-type Acrylic Gel: Single process HEMA FREE UV/LED gels, boasting easy application with unmatched strength and durability. Iconic is a hard/permanent gel (file off) that has a thick paste like consistency with virtually no self-leveling properties. Cures under UV (365nm) for 2-3 mins or LED (405nm) for 60-90 sec.

Planet Iconic is a HEMA FREE hybrid between a hard gel & acrylic, a product that truly has all of the good qualities of both acrylic & hard gels that nail techs love, without any of the things they don’t like about either.

Iconic is a popular choice for extensions over forms or nail repairs in gel services- working in perfect synergy with all PN Gel systems. 

Available in Clear and a variety of colours. Endless colour possibilities as you are able to mix polish, gel polish, pigments and glitters into it with ease.  

Below is a perfect example of how the PN Gel systems are designed to work together. 

Product application instructions:

Iconic Removal:


Yes! Planet Iconic Poly-Type Acrylic Gel is a HEMA FREE.

Planet Iconic Poly-Type Acrylic Gel is a hybrid between a hard gel & acrylic, a product that truly has all of the good qualities of both acrylic & hard gels that nail techs love, without any of the things they don’t like about either. Iconic sculpts like acrylic and cures like a gel!

✨️ No liquid to powder mix ratio guesswork

✨️ No heat spikes during curing as with hard gels

✨️ No wastage- cut off what you need

✨️ Unlimited workability- won't run & only sets once you cure it.

✨️ Create extreme shapes and lengths with ease

✨️ Easy even colour application

✨️ Easy file, reduced filing & dust

✨️ Virtually odourless

✨️ Supreme adhesion with no lifting

✨️Lightweight and super strong.

✨️Works in perfect synergy with the other PN Gel Systems

No, it needs to be filed off. For a soak off option we would recommend to apply a base coat layer of either Lastik or Stick 'n Float to the natural nails before applying Iconic. This will allow you to file through the hard Iconic gel, down to the rubbery base, soaking off using acetone from there. 

Yes, we recommend to use The One as your slip solution with our Iconic Gel.

We recommend applying Nail Prep to the natural nail, allow to dry then apply Sticky Bond sparingly to the natural nail allow to dry.

None of our products are tested on animals nor do they contain any animal derived products except our Sable Hair (Kolinsky) Acrylic Brushes.

Too coarse a file was used without buffing. The nail needs to be buffed after filing as well as wiped with a nail wipe saturated with The One, this will eliminate the speckled or crystalised look. 

If you're experiencing lifting when Iconic has been applied straight onto the natural nails, try applying a base coat of either Lastik or Stick 'n Float (curing for 60sec/2mins) under the Iconic first.

Too much The One solution was used during the application. This can cause a barrier between the product and the nail, inhibiting the adhesion leading to the entire nail peeling off. Think damp not wet when using The One on your brush > dip your brush into the liquid, off load excess on the side of the dappen dish, followed by dabbing onto paper towel > your brush now has the right amount of liquid in it. If the product starts sticking to your brush, follow the above steps again to moisten the brush to prevent sticking. Also ensure you are curing the product for the appropriate amount of time using the correct wavelength. We recommend to cure the clear for 60sec and the nudes/whites for 60-90sec under the PN Speciality Dual Cure Lamp. Under curing gel will lead to bubbling, peeling and potentially reactions or allergies. 

Iconic cures with a tacky layer. This layer needs to be removed using a nail wipe saturated with The One before filing the enhancemant.  

When slicing off a bead of Iconic make sure the tool used isn't scraping small bits of the tube off in the process, this can happen when sharp scrapers are used. Make sure to remove any debris before curing the Iconic. 

This can be due to a few reasons. Firstly, you may be applying the Iconic too thin > if applied too thinly, lifting and flaking may occur > ensure you are building a good structure. Secondly, flaking tends to occur between the Iconic and Base Layer when the tacky layer was removed from the base layer before the Iconic was applied. If the tacky layer was removed then the base layer needs to be buffed to ensure proper adhesion of the Iconic layer. 

Be sure the thickness and length can withstand the clients' daily activities. Applying your gel too thin will lead to cracking. Ensure you have built up a strong apex or arch.