Prep / Primer


Sticky bond is our primer, Stick n Float is a rubber base that can be used under any enhancement whether that be BIAB, acrylic, soft gel extentions etc.

Our brush cleaner does contain a small amount of IPA but it is not the main ingredient- please refer to the SDS.

They are both dehydrators. Primer is for a more oily nail.

No, acid refers to an ingredient called Methacrylic Acid and HEMA refers to 2-hydroxethyl methacrylate. Two very different ingredients.

We recommend the same nail prepping for all our systems. Nail and cuticle prep, a spray with The One to help dehydrate the nails and sanitize, Nail Prep, then Sticky Bond. The Stick Float is a Hema free rubber base. 

None of our products are tested on animals nor do they contain any animal derived products except our Sable Hair (Kolinsky) Acrylic Brushes.

One is acid based & one is protein based. Both need to be applied sparingly, especially acid primer - acid primer dries chalky, non acid dries matte. Acid primer is ideal for clients with oilier nail plates, though both can be used in a service. Our non acid primer Sticky Bond does contain HEMA, which is a strong bonding agent. In saying that, for people with sensitivities, we recommend omitting this & substituting with Nail Prep dehydrator &/or standard acid primer as both are HEMA free.

No, Acid Primer dehydrates anyway & kills bacteria on the spot too. So you don’t really need to dehydrate with another product as well.