Soft Gel Extensions (Planet Vogue)


Planet Vogue is a nail system where a specialised full tip is adhered to the nails using a soft gel (Lastik Stick & Stay Gel or for a HEMA-Free option use Stick 'n Float Rubber Base). This system is often referred to as Soft Gel Extensions. 


Instant Length

Perfect Shapes/Length to choose from

Minimal Filling = Minimal Dust


Easy Removal

No Damage



Perfect base for Nail Art

Planet Vogue Master Kit 

The kit contains

1 x 15ml Lastick Stick and Stay Clear

1 x 7ml Sticky Bond

 1 x Vogue Essential E-File Bit Pack - contains 1x Vogue Blending Cone, 1x Mandrel, 1x 100 Pack of Fine Sanding Rollers and 1x Cuticle Away Coarse Ball Bit)

1 x Miss Vogue TOUCH LED Flash Cure Lamp

2 x Planet Vogue Shapes of your choice


* We have HEMA free option as well, check from here

Our educators purchase for their training kits, Stiletto short and Ballerina Medium. These style of tips would be the most universal for shaping.

This video shows you all the products that you will need with Vogue.

Yes, you can use the coloured builders, but not the one coat colours. The coloured builders (Ballet, Bare, Cover, Milky Way, Nirvana, Serene, UNC, Peachy Shimmer) will need a longer flash cure time as well.


The vogue tips come in a range of numbers- some only 0-9, one shape comes in 1-10, most come with 0-11 and others come with 0-14. Please refer to the description/label of each shape if you're unsure.

Yes, they’re perfect for press-on nails!

None of our products are tested on animals nor do they contain any animal derived products except our Sable Hair (Kolinsky) Acrylic Brushes.

Unfortunately, we no longer sell those individual refills. 

No, you don’t need a base, you can just go straight in with Lastik after priming - either with clear or one of the sheer colours.