How to achieve a mirror chrome/Aurora look. 

 1. Apply base colour of choice that would best make the chosen chrome colour pop. 

2. Apply Planet Luxe Gloss no-wipe Top Coat (perfect for chromes) or Glaze no-wipe Hard Gel Top Coat to the nail and cure for 30-60sec in PN Speciality Dual Cure Lamp. 

3. Use your PN Burnishing brush to first cover the nail in the chosen chrome powder to ensure full cover, then use the burnishing brush, a silicone pigment applicator or your finger to burnish the chrome into the top coat. 

4. Dust the nails well with a soft dusting brush. 

5. Apply Planet Gel Polish Stain-resistant no-wipe top coat, Planet Luxe Gloss or Glaze top coat, ensuring you are capping the extension free edge well and cure for 60sec in the PN Speciality Dual Cure Lamp. 


Chrome Troubleshooting


Chrome looking glittery instead of having a mirror finish: This is an indication that it has been applied over a top coat that cures with a tacky layer or that the no-wipe top coat chosen hasn’t been cured for long enough. If you don’t remove the excess chrome thoroughly before applying your sealant layer of top coat can also cause a glittery appearance. Mirror finishes can only be achieved when a no-wipe top coat is used. 


Not all no-wipe top coats can be used, if you’re finding that your powder doesn’t stick to the top coat- 1. try wiping the top coat with alcohol after curing, wait for the nail to dry and try burnishing the chrome again; 2. Try curing the no-wipe top coat for a shorter period of time like 30sec instead of 60sec before burnishing the chrome. 


Chrome chipping or peeling: This can be due to a few reasons and you have a few different options to choose from to help prevent this in future. 1. Try applying Sticky Bond to the extension free edge before applying your final sealant layer of top coat. 2. You are able to seal your chrome with a layer of Lastik or Planet Gel Polish Base Coat (curing the layer) before applying your sealant layer of top coat. 3. Opt for a hard gel top coat like Glaze instead of a soft gel top coat- Glaze cures harder than other topcoats and this can help to prevent chipping or peeling. 


The chrome looks patchy: This happens when not enough chrome was applied before buffing the chrome into the nail. This is why we recommend applying the powder liberally to the nail surface before burnishing or buffing the chrome into the top coat. 


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