This is a great tool for easy stamping and this stamper features the option to change your transfer size- no need to just have your transfer be the size it is on your plate- the spriral action allows for you to either increase or decrease the size of your transfer. Unleash your creativity with this jelly stamper and a stamping plate.

Large Jelly surface makes it great for long nails. Clear Jelly surface makes it easy to see where to place your transfer. This stamper can be used with stamping polish or stamping gel- prep accordingly for your chosen medium. 

When using this stamper with the Ella Zala Stamping gels we recommend to clean it with The One Sani-spray.

For a larger transfer, pick up your design normally with your Spiral Jelly Stamper and turn the spiral (clockwise) to puch up into the jelly which will strech your transfer- now simply place the transfer on the nail.

To decrease the size of your transfer turn the spiral to push up against the jelly (clockwise), pick up your design and then turn your spiral in the opposite direction (anti-clockwise) to release the pressure from the spiral, which will shrink your design- then simply place on the nail. 

This is such a versatile stamper as it allows you to customize your transfers to fit the chosen nail and gives you variety from the one design. 

Please note cleaning the jelly with acetone may affect the clarity. 



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