100ml Refill Nozzle bottle of Luxe Gloss no-wipe Top Coat. 

Please note: This product comes in a 125ml size bottle but is only filled with a 100ml of product- we do this to allow for expansion and helping to prevent any spillage during transit. 

Please store this bottle in a cool dark place, away from any heat, light, UV light or sunlight. Clean the nozzle thoroughly after use. Store upright and make sure the bottle and nozzle is tightly sealed when stored. 


Say Hello to your new favourite non-wipe Top Coat. 

The glaze like consistency hides any imperfections making it perfect for Chrome Nails.

Can be used with ... Planet Gel Polish, PN Acrylic, Planet Gel Paints, Iconic, PUG, Lastik, Planet Vogue Soft Gel Extensions and PN Dipping systems.



*Super Shiny and great for Nail Art Designs

*Encapsulating nail art is easy with this thicker formula

*Helps prolong the wear of any enhancement

*Not only HEMA free but completely Methacrylate free

*Soak-off formula - Easy to apply and soaks off quickly

*Dual Cure formula

*Protect and seals to a Glass Like Finish


PLEASE NOTE: Recent studies have found that even no-wipe top coats still have a small amount of uncured gel on the surface, so it is recommended to wipe your no-wipe top coats after curing, and for best practice get your clients to wash their hands after you’ve completed your service but before you apply cuticle oils or hand creams.


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