Extra-thick brush-on Resin used with Wrapping or Dipping Systems. Resin Gel allows for the build of an apex with these systems, without needing to apply additional layers.



*Gel consistency offers superior control.

*Resin Gel provides better saturation- more clarity.

*Results in thin, yet strong Dip/Wrap enhancements.

*Bonds firmly to the surface of the nail plate.

*Gel consistency allows for more time as it dries slower than normal resins.

*Resin Gel is a great air-dry adhesive for Press-Ons

*Resin Gel can also be used as an air dry alternative for adhering gems.

*It can be used as an air-dry hi-gloss sealant.

*Can be used to adhere nail tips

Due to its thicker viscosity it takes a little longer to air dry when using to adhere tips- so hold in place for at least 10-15seonds. 

For Professional Use Only. 


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