Nail Prep 10ml  * This item can not be shipped to NZ

This acid-free primer is perfect for sensitive nails or clients with allergies. This formula provides excellent bonding between natural nail and gels or dipping systems while helping maintain natural nail integrity.



*Designed to cleanse and 'prep' the nail for product application

*Dehydrates and Sanitises the natural nail

*Helps to balance the pH of the natural nail preparing it for product

*Removes excessive moisture and oil from the natural nail

*Evaporates quickly leaving a chalky white finish

*HEMA Free


Important Note for NZ Clients :

NZ SHIPPING - we can only ship NON-hazardous items overseas. We apologise and we understand it's very frustrating for our overseas clients.

The items we do NOT ship are the following:


・Brush Cleaner

・The One Sani-Spray

・Brush On Resin Activator


・Sticky Bond



・Varnish/air-dry Top coat


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