Peachy Shimmer LASTIK UV/LED Soak Off Gel Can be used as:

  • a shimmer nude base coat/ rubber base,
  • shimmer nude camouflage rubber base under enhancements for problem lifters,
  • structured mani/ BIAB mani/ gel overlay
  • tip overlay
  • gel dip
  • with full tips (like Planet Vogues)

Cure for 60 – 90 seconds under LED or 3 minutes under UV.

PN Lastik cures with a tacky layer. 

This amazing product is an easy and convenient flexible ‘rubber’  builder gel that SOAKS OFF.  It is great for adding strength to flaky, thin and brittle nails.

PLEASE NOTE:  This jar comes with a seal, do not throw the seal away.  This seal prevents leaking and spillage, please use it everytime you close the jar.



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