Cuticle Perfection Oil is a rich yet lightweight, ultra-nourishing formula that helps protect, replenish and strengthen skin and nails. This oil contains 95% Certified Organic ingredients. 



*Designed to deeply penetrate, protecting skin and nails.

*Made with natural oils to promote fast absorption into the skin- great moisturiser for the skin. 

*Naturally light oil keeping skin soft and supple.

*Helps nail enhancements last longer reducing service breakdown. 

*Enhances flexibility and prevents brittleness, making natural nails stronger.


Recommended Use:

For clients: Apply Cuticle Perfection two times per day to keep the enhancement flexible, the nail and surrounding skin conditioned.

In salon: After Top Coat application get your clients to wash their hands to ensure all remnants of dust and product is removed before applying Cuticle Perfection to the skin around the enhancements, followed by prefered hand cream. One drop does five fingers.



Vitamin A is nourishing, improving the natural moisture barrier of skin and strenghtning nails- regenerating growth in thin and brittle nails.

Vitamin D ensures healthy nails and reduces the risk of nail peeling and chipping.

Vitamin E for its powerful anti-oxidant properies that neutralizes and destroys free radicals.

Lecithin for superior moisturising effects on skin and nails.

Squalene for its natural softening effect on dry skin.


The above actives are found in naturally high levels in the 2 main oils- Olive and Avocado Oil. 


If irritation occurs discontinue use. Keep out of reach of Children. 


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