Lastik PLUS is a reformulated version of Lastik Sculpt and we are very excited for Lastik Plus. The formula is a thicker and harder curing version of Clear Lastik, which you will be able to use in all the exact same ways as Clear Lastik, whilst still having all the amazing benefits of Sculpt. And you may see some of your favourite lastik builder colours available in Plus too! 

If you love Lastik but you've wanted a thicker builder gel to use for infills or to perform short sculptures with, then Lastik PLUS will be your new go-to soak off builder gel. 



*It’s a base gel, builder gel, overlay gel, and extension gel, meaning you need one product to create beautiful enhancements.

*Lastik PLUS is a soft gel with the strength of acrylic and flexibility of hard gel that has real staying power.

*PLUS is a self-levelling gel with a medium viscosity that cures harder than traditional soft gels

*It's crystal-clear with a blue tone to prevent yellowing

*It's easy to apply and effortless to create a beautiful apex - The perfect no-file thicker viscosity builder gel!

*PLUS will not lift or chip with proper application & lasts for 3-4 weeks. The product never has to be removed, simply infill/rebalance or de-bulk down to a thin base layer and start a fresh application. 

*Works in perfect synergy with the other PN products.

*PLUS can be used by techs who hand-file or techs who e-file

*PLUS can be used for overlays, structured manicures, tip overlays and short to medium sculptures and with Planet Vogue Soft Gel extensions!

*PLUS can be used to create extensions performing well over PN Modern Tips and works great with forms

*PLUS can be used to adhere gems or crystals and Planet Vogue Soft Gel Extensions in the exact same way you would use tradional lastik clear!!!

*Use instead of Lastik for additional strength over Vogues or when infilling Vogues


The possibilities are truly endless!


Do you need a base coat with PLUS? Even though PLUS can be used without a Base Coat, when a hard curing product is being applied over thin, brittle, bendy, flaky nails, or nails prone to lifting, we would recommend using a base coat of Clear Lastik (GP696) or Stick 'n Float Rubber Base under the product. These base products offer a superior adhesive base providing a bridging layer between the flexible natural nail and the harder curing Acrylic/PLUS/PUG/Iconic gel, helping to prevent lifting, peeling, or chipping. 



- PLUS cures harder than Clear lastik but not as hard as Planet Iconic or PUG Clear/Clear Builder. Choose PLUS if you want a product that is easy to apply due to self-leveling properties and easy to remove by soaking off in actone. 

- We do not recommend creating long sculpted extensions with PLUS, because PLUS is flexible, so while it is very strong, it is still technically a soft gel – so great for short to medium sculptures

** This jar comes with a seal, do not throw the seal away.  This seal prevents leaking and spillage, please use it everytime you close the jar **



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