Disposable white files for Halfmoon nail file on a soft foam layer EXPERT 40 100 grit (30 pcs)

  • Adhesive replaceable, disposable files Expert White.
  • Crescent shape.
  • White high-quality abrasive EXPERT White is aesthetic in work.
  • A special coating prevents the abrasive from clogging with organic dust during the use.
  • The white color of the file is aesthetic in work.
  • On a foam basis, which reduces pressure on the nail plate.
  • Reliable adhesive base.
  • Abrasiveness 100 grit is designed to give length and shape to artificial nails.
  • Easily give nails a perfect appearance, shape and smooth the nail plate.
  • For single-use.
  • Size 162*24 mm.
  • 30 pieces per pack.
  • Suitable for bases MBE-40, SPBE-40.