Primer 10ml  * This item can not be shipped to NZ

This acid-based Primer prepares the nail surface for maximum adhesion for difficult or oily nails. This formula provides excellent bonding between natural nail and acrylic or hard gels while helping maintain natural nail integrity. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY



*Dehydrates and dissolves surface oils

*Acts like an anchor, increasing the bond between artificial product and natural nails

*Chemically etches the surface to allow a product to seep into the cracks and grab hold

*HEMA Free



- An acid Primer should always be used sparingly and with caution.

- Primer will freeze at 7 degrees celcius or below so don't store it in a cold environment. It will thaw quickly if you encounter a frozen bottle. Simply hold it in your hand or pop it between your kneeds before use.

- FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY- This product can cause a chemical burn or a lot of damage when used incorrectly! 


Important Note for NZ Clients :

NZ SHIPPING - we can only ship NON-hazardous items overseas. We apologise and we understand it's very frustrating for our overseas clients.

The items we do NOT ship are the following:


・Brush Cleaner

・The One Sani-Spray

・Brush On Resin Activator


・Sticky Bond



・Varnish/air-dry Top coat


Brand Planet Nails

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