If you're doing Cert III in Nail Tech at Tafe and you need to buy a kit, we have this one available for you.

As we are a wholesale company, we do not have the small sizes of products that are listed, but keep in mind that if you're going to do nails, you will use all the product we send you.

You will receive the following products in this kit:

1 x 200 Nail Wipes

1 x Master Pre-Cut Stiletto Forms (500 / roll)

1 x Planet Nails Speciality Dual Cure Mach III Led Lamp

1 x 250ml Monomer

1 x Core Acrylic Polymer (white) x 25g (used for Acrylic and Dipping)

1 x Core Acrylic Polymer Clear (25g) (used for Acrylic and Dipping)

1 x Core Acrylic Polymer Dark Pink (25g) (used for Acrylic and Dipping)

1 x 250ml The One Liquid

1 x 250ml Acetone (used for soak off and as polish remover)

1 x Double headed anti-static Pink Art Tweezer

3 x Round Glass Dappen Dish + lid

4 x Slim Buffing block 100/180 Grit White

1 x 100 Cut Out Nat Tips in Box

1 x 100 French White Tips in Box

1 x Nail Art Sticker Pack 

3 x Orange Stick (10 per pack)

1 x Tech Tools Tip Cutter

1 x Tech Tools Cuticle Nipper

1 x Tech Tools Cuticle Pusher

1 x Manicure Brush

1 x Planet Nails Master Kolinsky Acrylic Brush - #8

1 x Planet Nails Ultimate Gel Brush - Square

1 x 3d Art Brush - Kolinsky #2

1 x Art Brush Set (5 brushes and dotting tool)

1 x 504 Natural no well tips

1x 504 Clear Stiletto No Well

3 x 100/100 grit files

3 x 120/240 Zebra Tear Drop files

3 x 150/240 premium washable halfmoon files

1 x miracle shiner

2 x 3d moulds

1 x Line sticker

1 x Foil Transfer pack of 10

1 x Foil Transfer Gel 

3 x 25g Colour Acrylic Polymer (Pigmented Polymer) (used for Acrylic and Dipping)

1 x Cuticle oil

1 x PUG White Builder Gel 50ml

1 x PUG Bare Builder Gel 50ml

1 x PUG Clear Builder Gel 50ml

5 x 10ml Gel Paint

1 x Big Gems in case Flame

1 x EZ AB Silver Gems in case

1 x EZ Opal Gems in case

1 x Toe Nail Clipper 

1 x Planet Nails Gel Polish - Stain Resistant  top Coat 15ml

1 x Planet Nails Gel Polish - Base Coat 15ml

1 x 15ml Stick 'n Float Rubber Base coat

2 x 7g Brush on Resin

1 x 7ml Sticky Bond

1 x 10ml Primer

1 x 10ml Nail Prep

1 x Apron

1 x Brillian B350 Desktop E-file

1 x TechTools Essential E-file Bit Pack Medium

1 x Mandrel E-file Bit

1 x Sanding Rollers in Fine 100 Pack

1 x Resin Gel (for dipping)

1 x Resin Activator (for Dipping)

1 x 15ml Air Dry Top Coat 

1 x French Dip Tray (for Dipping)

1 x Brush Cleaner (for dip and acrylic brushes)

1 x Callux Salt Foot Soak 250g

1 x Callux Foot Scrub 250g

1 x Callux Mask/Balm 250ml

1 x Callux Pedicure File + replacement Grits

1 x Cuticle Remover

1 x Callux Smoothing and Moisturising Cream 100ml

1 x Callux Anti-Bacterial Spray 


This kit does NOT contain the following from your list and you will have to source these items from somewhere else.


Protective Eyeware


Emery Boards

Nail Polish (air dry nail varnish)

Manicure / Pedicure Bowl


This kit does not come with any instructions or training manuals and is only recommended for TAFE Students enrolled in the SHB30321 course.

Please note that the items received may differ from what is shown in the pictures due to us being out of stock of a specific colour OR the bottle colour/size may differ due to stock changes. 

Not all items found in this kit has been shown in the pictures. 







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