Say Good Bye to stains!

This soft gel top coat will hold up against cigarette, make-up, spray tan & hair dye. 

Can be used with... Planet Gel Polish, PN Acrylic, Planet Gel Paints, Iconic, PUG, Lastik, PN Dipping systems and Planet Vogue Extensions.



* Super shiny top coat with a thin consistency preventing bulk

* Helps prolong the wear of any enhancement

* Not only HEMA free but completely Methacrylate free

* Soak off formula

* Dual Cure formula

* Protects and seals to a Glass Like Finish

* Non-yellowing formula makes nail designs pop



If you are going to use chrome pigments, you will need to wipe the nail with alcohol first before applying the chrome.  

Here are the steps:

1. Apply the Stain Resistant Top Coat and cure for 60 secs in your PN Speciality Dual Cure Lamp.

2. Wipe with alcohol or The One.

3. Apply the chrome pigment - easiest was is to use your finger to rub it in and get the shiniest finish.

4. Seal with Stain Resistant Top Coat and cure for 60 seconds in your PN Speciality Dual Cure Lamp. 


Recent studies have found that even no-wipe top coats still have a small amount of uncured gel on the surface, so it is recommended to wipe your no-wipe top coats after curing, and for best practice get your clients to wash their hands after you’ve completed your service but before you apply cuticle oils or hand creams.



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