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It's here!  This is the one and only STAIN RESISTANT Top Coat.  

Planet Gel Polish  - 15ml - UV/LED - Hema Free Stain Resistant Top Coat.  LED and UV Curable. Easy to apply and soaks off quickly. Long-lasting Gel Polish your clients will love, especially the hair dressers!



If you are going to use chrome pigments, you will need to wipe the nail with alcohol first before applying the chrome.  

Here are the steps:

Apply the Stain Resistant Top Coat and cure for 60 secs

Wipe with alcohol.

Apply the chrome pigment - easiest was is to use your finger to rub it in and get the shiniest finish.

Seal with Stain Resistant Top Coat and cure for 60 seconds and you're done! :) 



Brand Planet Nails