If you buy this 2 bag special you will pay $25 for the first bag and $18 for the 2nd!

Planet Vogue is a nail system where a specialized full tip is adhered to the nails using a soft gel (Lastik Stick & Stay Gel or for a HEMA-Free option use Stick 'n Float Rubber Base). This system is often referred to as Soft Gel Extensions

You will receive the following numbered sizes: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Each size bag will contain 42 tips per size with the exception of #5 & #6 which will contain 84 tips. 

Please note: Due to human error, some individual size bags may be mislabelled. Please refer to the actual number on the tip itself and not the number on the bag. Please refer to the comparison pictures of your chosen shape/length as well as the measurement chart before purchasing to ensure you are happy with your choice. Any descriptive name allocated to a chosen shape/length is based on where the shape/length fits into the Planet Vogue range and may not conform to an individual’s idea of the name or compare to another brands' shape/length. When comparing lengths please ensure you are comparing like for like i.e. x-short square with another square shape as some shapes will be longer across the board of lengths. We try and provide as much information on our products as possible to make choosing the correct shape/length for as informative as possible.


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