What is Planet Vogue Soft Gel Extensions?

Soft Gel Extensions are the fastest growing system in the world of nails today and Planet Vogues have lead the way here in Australia. This system is fast becoming the preferred system in the industry, loved by both nail techs and their clients, making it the perfect system to start your nail career with.

Planet Vogue is a nail enhancement system where a specialised full cover extension or is adhered to the nail using a soak-off gel, providing instant length and perfectly shaped nails every time. These enhancements are like nothing you've seen or worn before.

You will learn all the ins and outs about applying and maintaining this system with the Planet Vogue Beginner course PLUS we have included a BIAB and Nail Art Bonus Lessons.

Planet Vogue Beginner Course

This is an interactive training program.  There are 25 video modules and you will have to either upload a photo or pass a quiz (pass rate 80%) to move through the course.  You can watch and rewatch the video's as many times as you would like.  You have access to the course content for 12 months.  Roxane has packed in so much information, that you will be grateful to have your manual on hand so you won't have to take notes and you will be able to go at your own pace.


Below is a little snippet of what you will learn in this course:

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Perfect Nail Prep

You will learn the correct prep procedure ensuring long wear and without causing damage to the nails.

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How to Safely use your E-File

Learn the ins and outs of E-File usage, including how to use it safely and utilise it to make your life easier.

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Vogue Application

Learn everything there is to know about applying Vogue Extensions to any nail shape you may encounter.

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Whether you choose to infill or do a fresh set each time your client comes in, we will teach you how to perform the perfect maintenance service to keep your clients happy.

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Learn how to get that perfect polished look from finish filing to the perfect gel polish application.

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You will learn how to safely remove Planet Vogue Extensions.

The Full Kit Includes:

  • Planet Vogue Soft Gel Extension Training Manual.
  • Planet Nails Dual Cure UV/LED Lamp
  • Miss Vogue Touch Flash Cure Lamp
  • TP B350 E-File
  • Planet Nails Practice Fingers
  • The One Sanitising Spray
  • Nail Wipes
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • Nail Files
  • Nail Buffers
  • Planet Vogue Soft Gel Extensions in Long Stiletto and Long Coffin
  • Tip Boxes x2
  • Tip Cutters
  • Lastik Stick and Stay Gel
  • Sticky Bond
  • Clear Acrylic Polymer
  • Planet Gel Polish no-wipe Top Coat
  • Planet Gel Polish colours x3
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Remover
  • Manicure Brush
  • Gel Brush
  • TT Cuticle Prep Bit
  • TT Safety Finishing Bit
  • TT TrueTwoJack Bit
  • TT Cuticle Away Ball bit
  • TT Mandrel Bit
  • TT Fine Sanding Rollers
  • TT Blending Cone
  • Client Record Cards x4

This is a 100% online course but for you to be able to start this course you will need your manual/kit which will be sent to you with Auspost-  as such you will only get access to the online training platform once your kit is dispatched. Please note we only dispatch orders during office hours (Monday - Friday 8.30am-4pm AEST).

Get an industry recognised Qualification

For you to get your qualification with this beginner course you will need to complete practical hours / sets.

Once you've completed your online modules you will be asked to complete 2 practical sets on models. You will need to take progress pictures of these sets and upload them to the training platform. 

Once the required practical sets are completed and uploaded, your sets will be assessed. Once you've passed your assessment you will be awarded an industry recognised qualification in Soft Gel Extensions.

Training Terms and Conditions
All purchases are final and no refunds will be made after the course has been purchased. Before purchasing, it is your responsibility to make enquiries and seek independent advice to ensure this course will meet your specific requirements.
All prices are shown in AUD and shipping fees will be added based on your location and available kits.
Courses with a full kit will only be available to students based in Australia and New Zealand. All other countries will only receive the training manual with their purchase- and will need to source products needed for the course themselves.
You will have access to the online modules for 12 months from date of purchase.
Your personal password and log in details for the training platform must not be given/shared to a third party and you must not allow any other person to use your log in information. You are not permitted to offer the login information or access to this training platform as part of a sale of the course or for any other reason whatsoever. 
Unauthorized use of the training platform may give rise to a claim for damages and/or be a criminal offence. 
The content of the training platform is subject to change without notice. 
Planet Nails reserves the right without notice and for any reason to:
  • Withdraw or suspend access to any part of the training platform
  • Withdraw or suspend any operation or functionality of the training platform
  • Treat any material submitted by you as non-confidential and non-proprietary subject to any applicable law.
The information on the training platform is not intended as professional advice but provided as general information only. 
Planet Nails makes no guarantee as to the usefulness or appropriateness of the information offered and does not guarantee employment upon completion of any of our courses.
All beginner courses have practical and theoretical requirements before a certificate can be issued.
Practical Requirements For Beginner Courses
  • Once a Beginner Course Content has been completed, the student must complete practical hours as well as pass an assessment to qualify for their certificate. The student is required to perform a minimum of 2 sets of Nails in the Training Course System chosen (Planet Vogue Soft Gel Extensions). 
  • A Portfolio of work must be compiled of the Practical Sets completed on live models and uploaded to the training platform. We require a picture at the following intervals to be uploaded: 
  1. After nail prep
  2. After base coat application
  3. After extension adhering
  4. After extension blending
  5. After float / bridging / pour coat application
  6. Completed set. 
• Once practical sets are completed, and uploaded to the platform, Assessment (Exam) can take place. The purpose of Assessment is for the student to prove competency towards the Unit Standard that he/she was Trained towards.

• Online Beginner Course must be completed within 12 months of the start of the Course by completing the practical hours and uploading to the platform for you to qulify for assessment and ultimately for your certificate. 

• Once the student has uploaded the required proof for the practical hours/sets, it will be assessed by Planet Nails and if the assesment is passed, the certificate will be awarded to the student. The certificate will be available for download from the platform once awarded. 

• Practical hours/sets can only be done on live models. It is the student’s responsibility to provide a model for the Practical hours/sets. 

• We cannot award a certificate if you have not completed the required practical hours / sets or if the assessor feels like more practical hours are required to prove competant. 



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