Lastik One Coat Colour is a highly pigmented coloured flexible rubber base gel. This product is best applied in thin coats.



*Provides intense one coat colour that never lifts, chips or peels.

*Provides intense durability with great adhesion.

*Can be used under ACRYLIC/HARD GEL/ICONIC as a base coat for clients struggling with lifting

*Cures with a tacky layer

*Soak-off formula

*Dual Cure formula: LED (90sec), UV (3min)


Can be used as a coloured rubber base coat under nail enhancements, as a strengthening colour coat over enhancements, or can be applied in thin coats for a long-lasting gel polish manicure.


For best results we recommend curing for 90 sec in the PN Speciality Dual Cure lamp. Being a highly pigmented gel, you may find that it may need to be cured a little bit longer. The age/make of your lamp may affect cure times. If you’re not using the PN Speciality Dual Cure Lamp, you may have to cure this product for up to 3mins per layer.



This is a coloured gel and not a gel polish- the viscosity is similar to gel. The viscosity of this product can be affected by ambient temperature- if it is cold the product will be thicker and if it is warm the product will be thinner. This product applies easier when it is warm as it needs to be applied in thin coats.


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